humanoid but with a head a anubis warrior


Anubs race traits,

  • - 2 to cha,
    + 2 dex and – 2 con or + 2 int and – 2 str
  • +5 against blind effects the anubs are not independent on their sight so they are not as surprised to be blinded on as many other races
  • highlight vision anubs can see clearly even if they look directly into a sharp light.
  • speed anubs have 40 feet in speed
  • language anubiat, and choose two other (anubs have not been in pandoria for so long so they donĀ“t know common)
  • weapon proficiency, quarter staff and kama,
  • +1 on listen checks
  • meat eater the anubs race can only eat meat, also raw meat.

Most anubs are hunters, soldier in the military, fisher, miner, or any kind of crafter, many anubs live in small towns, wich have a common food stock and well, in the town there are two kinds of anubs those who hunt for the food, and those who are in the town as a shop keeper or guards.
the larger cities as the capital and the oasis town gain their food from taxes, fishing and trade, the larger cities are also the only Anubs cities with taverns.
so Many anubs gain their objekts from raw material so its rare you see a tradesman from the anubs race.
Anubs have a family honor they put above all, bacause if the family honor is stripped from them so are the live in the anubs faction, you use the family honor to trade, cummunikate, and your rank in the army, because the greater ifluence your family have the reater are the honor.
the anubs are a aggressive race but very loyal to their supperior, the morale of an anubis is almost unbreakeble if you dont know how to do it, they have a big respeckt for their forefathers.
there have never been seen any culture changes in the anubs faction,
physical appearense
an anubs are often 6,5 to 8 feet tall
can weight up to 130 to 255 pounds, the men and women are very alike eksept on the chest, so you can easily mistake a male for a female their skin are often yellow browm, darkbrown grey, black
or rare white,
the eyes are very small and black is the night.
the ears are big and long and pointy in an oval form,
The Family honor makes it very hard for an anubs to make friend with an another yet the race does talk and respeckt each other and it makes it possible to go to anyone to ask if they have the same family honor rank, to share a prey, take conversations, or even go hunt together.
also the family rank makes it hard for other races to cpmmunicate because they dont have a honor.
yet they are very undestandeble for the fact they never got a chance to be born with a honor.
so the anubs often talks to other spieces as they where a single rank below or as the same, it depends on the situation
Anubs land is * Desorti

a Anubs often prays to Kord or Pelor, Anubs are very energirik fighters and they know the suns devastating power.
But the Anubs a also sharp mindet to magic and arcana art so many also prays to Boccob or even Hextor, but almost any god are open to the Anubs. the one god they never will obay is Vecna.
An Anubs name have some a very waved form wich often starts with an An, Am, Un or Um and often ends with T and D besides its very common amongst the anubs to be called after someone else

male names: Adumt Anutru, Umarde, Umadi,Immardo
Female names: Amuni, Aminsi, Anuso, Umita, Unisho,

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